Law Enforcement Officer Shot, Killed Unarmed Female Protester inside U.S. Capitol Building

WASHINGTON, D.C. – An unarmed female protester was shot and killed, allegedly killed by a D.C. police officer during a political protest inside the U.S. Capitol building this afternoon.  Witnesses say the woman was shot in the upper torso. She was rushed to the hospital to treat her injuries.  D.C. police said in a statement today, some of the protesters were armed. It has not been confirmed if the woman killed was armed.

A video that captured the shooting as it happened showed she was climbing through a broken window when she was shot by the police officer from a distance. She was shot by police hiding behind a wall, under cover in the adjoining hallway.  Police officers standing just a few feet from her on her side of the door way did not issue any commands or react in a way that they felt threatened at the time of the shooting.

Another video seconds before her shooting reveal that she had no weapons in either hand and was just a few feet away from other police officers who did not intervene when the crowd banged on the hallway door. As she climbed through the broken window in the door, she was shot by officers on the other side.