Last man to share a prison cell with Jeffrey Epstein dies from COVID-19

If Jeffery Epstein was found dead from an apparent suicide in his prison cell today, one might argue it was COVID-19.  It might even be reported as such, but the circumstances of the pedo-island billionaire’s death will probably forever be the subject of conspiracy theories.  Now, it has been reported that Epstein’s last prison cellmate has also died.  Efrain Reyes died from COVID-19 last month, the Daily News reported.

“Reyes, 51, was found dead in bed on Nov. 27 at his mother’s apartment, the NYPD confirmed. In August 2019 he shared a cell with Epstein, only to be transferred to the privately-run Queens Detention Facility the day before the accused sex trafficker hanged himself, according to his family and Bureau of Prisons records. Reyes’s niece, Angelique Lopez, said Epstein was paired with her uncle because he had a bad leg and was mild mannered,” the newspaper said.

You can read the full report here.