Kangaroo Court: Pelosi, Schumer Impeachment Unlikely to Convict Trump, But The Show Must Go On Dems Say

WASHINGTON, DC – Democrats do not have enough support on Capitol Hill to impeach Donald Trump.  Nevermind that impeachment requires both a sitting president and a neutral Chief Justice to preside over there hearing, based on the U.S Constitution.  Democrats have neither.  They also don’t have the votes necessary to impeach former President Trump.

Today, Senator Rand Paul said after the Senate voted 55-45 against his motion to withdraw the articles of impeachment, it became evident that democrats do not have anywhere near the two-thirds majority needed to convict the President.  67 votes would be required.  Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the Democrats are now 12 votes short and the GOP appears to have solidified in unity behind the President, except for the usual suspects.

Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah led the anti-Trump contingent in the GOP, followed by  Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.  The five joined Republicans in defeating Paul’s motion.

“The Senate just voted on my constitutional point of order. 45 Senators agreed that this sham of a “trial” is unconstitutional. That is more than will be needed to acquit and to eventually end this partisan impeachment process. This “trial” is dead on arrival in the Senate,” Paul said.

Most Republicans today made statements that the trial is unconstitutional and a non-sitting president can not legally be impeached.

Now, without a Chief Justice presiding and lacking the votes to convict, Schumer and Pelosi’s second impeachment will more resemble a kangaroo court than a presidential impeachment. Now it turns out 80-year-old baby boomer Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy, an avid Trump hater will preside over the trial if his health allows it.  Leahy was hospitalized on Wednesday at George Washington University Hospital.   Leahy’s spokespeople did not say why the elder senator was hospitalized.  Leahy is the fifth oldest Senator on the hill.

“Make no mistake: There will be a full and fair trial on convicting Donald Trump for high crimes and misdemeanors. He is charged with inciting an insurrection. The evidence against him will be presented in living color for the nation and every one of us to see,” Chuck Schumer said, knowing there is no path for a conviction.