Judith Persichili: COVID-19 Lurks in Your Home, Not in Restaurants, Bars, Voting Booths or Small Businesses

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Department of Health Commission moments ago said it’s not restaurants, school, work, sports, businesses, voting booths, gyms, spas, nail salons, barbershops or sporting events where you are most likely to contract COVID-19, but in your home.

Persichili said in today’s COVID-19 briefing that the state’s army of contact tracers are finding that COVID-19 lurks in your home, the place where she and Governor Phil Murphy insisted you stayed put for months while shutting down everything on the above list.

The shift from COVID-19 being a danger that lurks in shopping malls, bars, gyms and small mom and pop retail stores is not a mutation of the virus, but another mutation of the facts presented over the past six months by the Murphy administration.

That is evident with the lack of outbreaks traced back to supermarkets, post officers, motor vehicle commissions or any of the other places locked down by Governor Phil Murphy.

Persichili and Governor Phil Murphy today emphasized the dangers of family gatherings at home during the holiday season and advised residents to wear masks in their own homes when hosting visitors and to limit the number of people at family gatherings on Thanksgiving.