Judge Who Sexually “Touched” Daughter’s Teen Friends Gets 14 Years in Prison

BATON ROUGE, LA – A Lousiana judge who crossed the line many times with his young daughter’s friends has been sentenced to 14 years in prison.   According to court records Jeff Perilloux, had several creepy encounters with the young girls aged 14 through 17.

“The road was not easy to travel, but today we finally arrived to justice for the young victims. I am proud of the hard work by AAG Matt Derbes, AAG Brooke Harris, and AAG Barry Milligan to ensure Mr. Perilloux was brought to justice. Sex offenses against children are the most serious of crimes which cause permanent psychological harm. This trauma has been exacerbated by Mr. Perilloux’s continued refusal to admit and/or take responsibility for what he did to these young women, who were children when these crimes were committed. But I hope the sentence issued today will bring some comfort to the survivors and their families,” said Attorney General Jeff Landry.

The sentencing comes after, on September 12, a jury found Mr. Perilloux guilty as charged of three felony counts of indecent behavior with juveniles and Judge Dennis Waldron found Mr. Perilloux guilty of one count of misdemeanor sexual battery following a lengthy five day trail.

Unwilling to admit to the crimes he committed, the young girls were forced to take the witness stand in September to recount their encounters.

The judge admitted to applying vapor rub to the chest of one of the young girls, but denied her accusations of him touching her breasts in a sexual manner.  In another case, Perilloux said he was “just applying lotion” to a girl’s back.

“I pulled her t-shirt a little to put it on the top of her chest,” he told the jury, admitting he was wearing only underwear at the time of the incident. “I didn’t touch her breasts. Period.”

He was also accused of giving a 15-year-old girl an inappropriate massage but claimed he was just rubbing her neck.

Prosecutors wanted to send Perilloux to jail for 20 years, but he was only given 14.

“The defendant used his position as someone who the victims and the families viewed as loving and trustworthy in order to both facilitate and conceal these crimes. He violated this trust multiple times in order to arouse or gratify his own sexual desires,” the prosecution wrote in a memo to the judge. “The defendant continues to deny committing these crimes and has shown no remorse whatsoever for the crimes he committed and the trauma he subjected his young victims to.”