John Kerry: If Every American Biked to Work, Carpooled and Drove Electric Cars, It Would Not Solve Our Fossil Fuel Problems

WASHINGTON, DC- New U.S. Climate Change Tsar John Kerry admitted back in 2015 that even if every single American started car pooling to work, rode their bikes to work, converted to solar energy…even if America went to a complete zero emissions model outlined in the Green New Deal, it would not help global climate change.

Kerry admitted in 2015, that the problem with fossil fuels is not one America can solve on its own and it’s unlikely that other countries are willing to follow our lead any time soon. Take a look.

This week, Kerry once again delivered the grim reality to America that Joe Biden’s plan isn’t going to solve the problem and Biden knows it.

“He knows Paris alone is not enough, not when almost 90 percent of all of the planet’s global emissions come from outside of US borders. We could go to zero tomorrow and the problem isn’t solved,” Kerry said this week.