Joe Biden’s “Jewish Director” Suggests Creating a List of Jews Who Support Trump

That didn’t take long.   The party of peace and tolerance has elected a man who says its time to heal, but Joe Biden’s Jewish Engagement Director this week said he’s making a list of which sects of the Jewish religion continue supporting President Donald J. Trump.

“as far as I know, every major religious denomination in our community acknowledges the truth. Joe Biden is going to be the next President of the United States. Note who in the Jewish community hasn’t. Telling.”

Note who in the Jewish community hasn’t?  How? Like making a list?

Keyak’s comments rang an eerie tone of McCarthyism, or worse yet, something right out of early 1940’s Nazi Germany and even his own followers called him out on it.

Here are some replies:

  • Sounds like Aaron is about a week away from saying people on his list should start wearing stars on their clothing.
  • You would think the Jewish engagement director would, you know, engage with these Jewish Communities and he would know about their statement.
  • It’s disheartening to bump up against a dog whistle, from a Biden campaigner.
  • Ok put me and my family on your list!
  • Aaron, as the Engagement Director, you can except a call shortly from the Unity Director about the importance of congruent messaging.
  • So Biden will usher in an era of unity, except if you are orthodox! Good to know.
  • How should we make note of them? With badges or patches or…?

Keyak later did some walking back of his disgusting comment, “Do some people on this website really think I don’t have strong ties to or knowledge of the Orthodox community? “Every major religious denomination in our community” obviously includes OU & Agudah.”