Joe Biden will mobilize National Guard, FEMA to distribute mass COVID-19 vaccinations on day one in office

WILMINGTON, DE – Joe Biden said he will harness the full power of the federal government to ensure that every American can get vaccinated for COVID-19 on his first day in office. Biden said he will instruct FEMA to begin setting up COVID-19 testing centers to vaccinate millions of people using school gymnasiums, sports centers, and stadiums as mass inoculation sites.

Within the first month of his administration, Biden said he will mobilize the National Guard military medical personnel.

“We will reimburse states 100% when they deploy their National Guard to fight the COVID-19 virus,” he said.

“President-elect Joe Biden outlines five main pillars of his vaccination plan. It includes building mass vaccination sites by deploying FEMA and the National Guard across the country, utilizing the Defense Production Act for supplies and storage, supporting health-care workers, and launching a public education campaign to inform Americans about the need for the vaccine,” CNBC reported.