Jake Tapper’s Launches Sexist Verbal Slight to White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany

The tolerant left is showing more signs each day since Tuesday that they’re not as tolerant, inclusive or compassionate as they claim.  CNN’s Jake Tapper launched an extremely sexist rebuttal to a harmless Twitter post by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Stephen Miller is one of the most talented, intelligent & kindest people to work in President @realDonaldTrump’s administration! The attacks on him are outrageous, unfounded & engendered by leftist partisan hacks who know how invaluable he is to the administration,” McEnany said.

In response, Tapper, as the left typically does, called Miller a racist.

“One of the kindest people in the administration” seems a bit much for a guy who – per senior WH source – helped push child-separation, wanted the campaign to smear Kamala Harris with birtherism and is regarded by WH colleagues as a straight up racist,” Tapper raged.

“Jake Tapper of CNN was humiliated by Stephen Miller on live television. He hasn’t forgotten it! ‘reporter’,” McEnany responded. “As also unable to get a single source on the record. Stephen is a class act, a bold leader in the conservative movement & Jake knows it!”

Tapper responded with, “Bye Felisha”, spelling Felicia wrong…or in the more common urban slang form.

The term “Bye Felicia” was coined by rapper Ice Cube in the movie Friday.  In that movie an annoying girl in the neighborhood is dismissed by Ice Cube’s character, Craig and he simply says, “Bye Felicia!”

In the movie, Felicia is described as, “The random bitch you don’t give a shit about.”