Jackson Man, 58, Woman Charged After Rowdy Altercation with Police

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – On Wednesday at approximately 9:09 pm, multiple officers responded to a residence located on Nottingham Way after a female had reported that she had been strangled by her boyfriend before disconnecting the call.

Officers arrived at the residence and were met by a 58-year-old male and 59-year-old female. The male was observed to have fresh cuts on his cheek and the female exhibited a noticeable facial injury. A strong odor of alcohol was also observed from each.  Police did not release the identity of the man or woman.

As the subjects were separated, the scene investigation progressed, both were uncooperative and denied anything had taken place. The female claimed to have called 9-1-1 but told officers nothing had happened as various accounts were given to explain the observed injuries. During the questioning of the male, he became uncooperative and pushed an officer at which time he was going to be placed under arrest but refused to comply and began a struggle as he resisted officers. Upon hearing the altercation going on inside the residence, the officers who were outside going to assist the other officers but had to turn their efforts to physically restrain the female from becoming involved in the incident as she ignored the officer’s commands to stay back. The male was eventually placed in handcuffs and escorted from the scene.

At this time the female, who continued to be uncooperative as she used profanity to explain to the officers how she was going to assault them and refused to provide her name and identification for the officers, was placed under arrest. After being handcuffed and while being escorted from the residence, she was able to wiggle one of her hands-free from the handcuffs and turn to face the escorting officer with a closed fist. A struggle then ensued to control the female where she had to be taken to the ground to be controlled and the handcuffs were secured again and she was escorted to a waiting patrol vehicle while still being physically resistant to the officers.

At headquarters, both arrestees exhibited signs of intoxication as they remained uncooperative and confrontational with the officers and supervisors while they were processed. During this time, EMS was requested and responded to headquarters twice to check the female at her request, who then refused further medical attention both times.

The male was charged with: obstruction, aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

The female was charged with: obstruction and resisting arrest.

Due to both of their public safety pre trial risk assessments (PSA) done under the Criminal Justice Reform Act, both subjects were charged on summons complaints and they were released pending future court appearances.