Is Phil Murphy Closing NJ Schools on November 23rd? Here’s What his Top Advisors Said

TRENTON, NJ – News has been circulating on the internet claiming New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy will be closing schools from November 23rd through January 23rd, 2020.

“Source: NJ Gov. Phil Murphy will announce in the coming days that all schools will close from Nov. 23-Jan. 23,” read a tweet by Adam Zagoria who operates a sports blog called ZagsBlog and writes for and the New York Times. “I’m told this applies to high schools not colleges.”

Those tweets have since been removed, but not after being shared all over social media.

Senior Phil Murphy advisor Daniel Bryant said Zagoria’s claims are not true.

“This is irresponsible journalism. If he has checked in with the Governor’s office for confirmation before blasting out this false statement, we could have avoided setting off an ill-informed panic (have received seven phone calls so far),” Bryant replied.

Mahen Gunaratna, the communication director for the Governor said, “False. Please don’t spread rumors like this – it benefits no one.”

Phil Murphy has a thirst for shutting things down, but shutting down schools this winter doesn’t appear to be on his list, yet.