Hillary Clinton erroneously reports first work of fiction, but she has many

NEW YORK, NY – Former First Lady Hillary Clinton claims to be working on her first fictional work in a collaboration with novelist Louis Penny.  Penny is penning a new novel entitled “State of Terror” who will folloiw a novice secretary of state facing the task of rebuilding America.

Yeah, that never happened either.

“My first work of fiction, but drawing from some life experience,” Clinton said.

Fortunately, for America, the Parkersburg News & Sentinel have been chronicling Clinton’s fictional works since 2016.

Here are just a few:

  • * In July 1993, Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster committed suicide in a park just outside Washington. Foster had been involved in the travel office affair, as well as other controversies involving the Clintons. Knowing an FBI investigation of Foster’s death was underway, Hillary’s chief of staff went into Foster’s office and removed several files. Some of the documents were not recovered until two years later.
  • While a U.S. senator and a candidate against Barack Obama for the presidency, Hillary Clinton in 2008 gave a speech about a trip to Bosnia while she was first lady in 1996. “I remember landing under sniper fire … we just ran with our heads down,” she said. Nothing like that happened, as extensive press coverage of the visit revealed.
  •  Clinton illegally used personal email servers for messages containing secret information, then lied repeatedly about what she had done.

You can visit that story here.

Hillary Clinton did not confirm what she will do after her latest work of fiction, but we have some ideas:

  • Broken Glass: How a mean man stole my election
  • Fake Dossiers for Dummies
  • I can be whoever you want me to be




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