Hartford Police, No Shots Fired During “Hostage Incident”

HARTFORD, CT – The Hartford Police Department has issued a statement regarding rumors online and in the community of an armed hostage situation with “shots fired”.   Police here said that on  Sunday, Hartford officers were called to a residence for a report of a domestic abuse incident. Officers made contact with the victim, rendered medical attention, and began an investigation into the domestic incident. The suspect, a 28 year old Waukesha man, threatened suicide during the incident and refused to cooperate with officers commands. Discussion with the suspect took place and he eventually complied with officers who took him into custody.

“There are rumors this was a hostage incident and weapons were discharged. Those rumors are false, and that was never the case,” the department said. “No one but the suspect was ever at risk of harm, from himself, during the incident. As you can imagine, these types of investigations are very emotionally charged, and inherently dangerous, but due to the professional communication skills of the responding officers, the situation was resolved peacefully.”