Grandma Hired Hitman to Kill ex-Son-In-Law, But Was FBI Agent Instead

LITTLE ROCK, AK – The next time your mother-in-law comes over your house and spoils your kids rotten, be glad, that’s the worst crime she’s committing.  It could be worse.  A Jacksonville grandma tried to hire a hitman to whack her son-in-law in an attempt to block the man from gaining custody of his daughter, police in Little Rock said.  Jeri Dianna Tarter, 69, of Jacksonville approached a security guard at the bar where her daughter worked and asked the man to help her kill her son-in-law.

“Take care of him…or find somebody who can,” she asked the guard.

Instead, he notified police and cooperated with the FBI and went along with her plan to kill the son-in-law.  She said she wanted her son-in-law to suffer in an accident, according to court records.

After arranging the hit with an alleged hit man, who was an FBI undercover agent, Tarter offered to pay $1,500.  The agent requested $2,000 and she went to the ATM to get the difference, giving the agent the home address of her son-in-law.  She was arrested on a warrant the next day.