Governor Phil Murphy tells Biden New Jersey will take in Afghanistan’s war refugees

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has never hidden his desire for the state to become a sanctuary for immigrants, both legal and illegal. Under Governor Murphy, the state has been a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants and a safe haven where they can now even obtain driver’s licenses. New Jersey has been one of the most prominent safe havens in America for illegal immigrants.

Now, Murphy is upping the ante on immigration and is asking President Joe Biden to send refugees from Afghanistan to the Garden State. He did not however discuss the logistics of such an operation such as housing, food, clothing, medical treatment and other basic necessities that will be required from people who have been forced out of their country with nothing but the clothes on their bodies.

“As the events in Afghanistan continue to unfold, and the United States military works to evacuate refugees and Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders, I am writing to let you know that the State of New Jersey stands ready to welcome our Afghan allies,” Murphy said in a letter to the President today.”

The refugee crisis in Afghanistan has been devastated for men who worked for the U.S.-backed government, women, and children as the Taliban took full control of the country. The crisis is a result of the policy of President Joe Biden who botched the U.S. departure from the country that allowed the Taliban to take over the capital city of Kabul in less than 24 hours without the need for force.

“These brave individuals and families – many of whom have worked to assist our military or put their own lives on the line in support of human rights and American initiatives – must not be left behind. Many have already shared the view that providing safe harbor and support is an expression of our values,” Murphy said. “I would add that accepting these refugees honors the sacrifice made by veterans of the War in Afghanistan — too many of whom died working towards the same goal sought by these refugees: stability and peace. But we also know that the Afghans we welcome to New Jersey, like so many refugee populations before them, will make enormous contributions to our state’s culture, community, and economy.”

Murphy said New Jersey will be better for having those refugees resettle in his state.

“New Jersey will be better for having them. Therefore, we warmly welcome Afghan refugees to our state and urge the Biden Administration to speed and expand the Special Immigrant Visa program,” Murphy added.

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