Governor Phil Murphy Served with Notice of Recall by Atilis Gym Owner

TRENTON, NJ – Ian Smith, the owner of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr which has been under intense fire by the administration of Governor Phil Murphy is leading the new effort to recall the governor.  Today, Smith, along with his recall petition committee arrived in Trenton to personally serve Governor Murphy with the recall notice.

“I’m here today at the state capital to serve Governor Phil Murphy with recall papers on behalf of the people of New Jersey for his gross violation of our constitutional rights,” Smith said today. “For the decimation of small businesses and local economies with no scientific evidence to back up those actions and his gross misconduct and mishandling of our long term care facilities, resulting in over 7,000 deaths of our most vulnerable portion of our population.”

This time, the recall is being headed by business owners, including Smith, who has faced hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for operating his business against the executive order directives of Murphy.  Murphy’s administration has sought to target and punish Smith and his partner Frank Trumbetti for their opposition to his orders.

You can get the link to the new recall website below.

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The official website for the new recall effort is