Governor Phil Murphy Seizes $165,000 Bank Account of Gym that Opened During Extended Small Business Lockdown

BELLMAWR, NJ – Today, it was the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr.  Tomorrow, it could be your business if you don’t play along by the rules set by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. Ian Smith, the owner of Bellmawr’s Atilis Gym said the State of New Jersey, under the direction of Governor Phil Murphy and Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, has seized the personal finances of Ian Smith and his partner Frank Trumbetti.   The gym took $165,000 from the gym’s bank account.  The state froze the funds as part of a bank levy and without notice.

“Governor Phil Murphy seized 100% of our assets today – $165k, all of which came from donations and apparel sales. This is done in the middle of ongoing litigation defending ourselves against these fines, our 80 charges, the revocation of our business license, and the unconstitutional health department shutdown,” Smith said. “This was never about protection, it was always about control. ⁣ Please continue to support us in any way possible. There is a link to our GoFundMe in my bio and a link to our apparel store. Please share as much as you possibly can this story and help us continue our fight.”

Smith said the money grab was an interference in their right to defend themselves in court against the state.

“It’s a clear and blatant violation of our constitutional rights,” Smith added. Smith said the money taken from the account was provided through fan and supporter donations for the company’s legal defense fund.  Smith said he and his partner have criminal charges pending against them, simply for opening a gym and encouraging people to stay healthy during the pandemic.