Governor Phil Murphy Says More Steps to Curb COVID-19 Coming Next Week

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was interviewed today by CNN’s John Brennan and said he’s not taking a Thanksgiving break and neither is his policy to continue fighting COVID-19 by instituting further measures to control the virus and possibly, the people of New Jersey.

“COVID-19 is here in a big way,” Murphy said. “All of the numbers are going in the wrong direction in a pretty significant way.”

When asked why Murphy said sloppy behavior led to transmissions and restaurants have turned into night clubs late in the evening.  Murphy also blamed residents for having “COVID-19 fatigue”.

“We constantly assess this from minute to minute,” Murphy said. “We’re not waiting, we shut down restaurants at 10, no bar seating, and next week we’ll continue to take steps.”

Murphy said the worst rate of transmission is behind closed doors and urged residents to stay home and with their immediate family and don’t go outside your bubble.  When asked about schools, Murphy said school districts will continue to lead their own destiny as there have been few in-school transmissions of COVID-19.