Governor Murphy To Announce New Round of COVID-19 Lockdowns Today, Indoor Dining, Sports and Bars

TRENTON, NJ – Governor Murphy and his administration stated numerous times over the past several weeks that there is no evidence of COVID-19 being transmitted in the state’s restaurants and bars that are adhering to his draconian COVID-19 restrictions.  He’s also said sports is not a contributor to the spread of the disease, but today, the Governor and U.S. Senator Cory Booker are going to announce sweeping new lockdown restrictions for businesses across New Jersey once again.

Murphy’s sweeping new chokehold on small businesses will include a 10 pm indoor dining curfew at all New Jersey bars and restaurants.  Murphy will have to explain his reasoning for a 10 pm curfew at his 1 pm press conference because we have been unable to find any research to confirm the COVID-19 virus is more transmittable or more deadly after 10 pm in the evening.

One of the measures of the ‘second wave’ lockdown includes banning indoor bar seating.

Murphy will also shut down indoor sports and indoor interstate sports competitions, once again, after telling New Jersey for months that no evidence suggests COVID-19 is being transmitted by sports activity.

What Murphy has said is that COVID-19 spread happens more inside the home during large family gatherings.  By closing restaurants early and prohibiting children across New Jersey from participating in sports, they will likely move their activities indoors…within their own homes.

“We’ll take some steps later today, but they won’t come close to what we were doing in the spring,” Murphy said in a CNBC interview this morning.  “This is not a lockdown, but this is tweaking our parameters at the edges.”