Governor Murphy says Wednesday storm to be a “real whopper”

TRENTON, NJ – Shedding color on the impending snow storm that is expected to dump more than a foot of snow in some regions of New Jersey, Governor Murphy said current models are showing the storm, “Has the potential to be a real whopper.”

Not as a big of a whopper that a 9 month long extended business shutdown has cost the restaurant and entertainment industry, but a whopper of its own relative size.

Did somebody say brine?  Murphy, once the king of road brine prior to the COVID-19 pandemic said his DOT is ready to go.

“As anyone looking out a window can see, we are experiencing our first winter weather day of the season, at least across the northern part of the state, where a couple of inches is possible in some places by this afternoon. The Department of Transportation already has more than 400 pieces of equipment deployed. Roads may be a bit slick in spots, so we ask anyone out there to be extra cautious, and to yield to spreaders and ploughs to let them treat the road ahead,” Murphy said.  “This system is expected to move out through the afternoon and then our attention will turn to Wednesday and Thursday, which right now looks to be our first significant storm. A winter storm [warning] has already been posted by the National Weather Service.”

If you’re home because the bar or restaurant you work at has been shut down or reduced capacity, don’t worry, you can always stay home and build a snowmurph.