Governor Cuomo Shuts Down Indoor Dining New York City

NEW YORK CITY, NY – New York City is back on lockdown.  Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the shut down of indoor dining in the Big Apple.  If that’s bad news for struggling restaurants on the brink of permanent closure, there’s good news.  Cuomo extended the ban on commercial evictions.  That means New York City landlords can’t evict local restaurants, instead, they will have to wait for them to leave once they go out of business.

“These are common-sense rules,” Cuomo said.  “You have to take action where the virus is active.”

Cuomo said indoor dining in New York City is a ‘bad situation’ and he followed through on his promise earlier this week to close indoor dining as of Monday.  Cuomo said outdoor dining and takeout will still be allowed.

“The federal government must provide relief to these bar and restaurant owners,” Cuomo said. “I understand we’re wiping out businesses, so we’re going extend the commercial eviction moratorium, so if a business can’t pay the rent, they can’t be evicted.”