“Give me a break man,” White House Press Corps Will Still Be Treated Like Crap Under Biden

WASHINGTON, DC – The honeymoon between President Joe Biden and the White House Press Corps might be shorter than expected after Biden gave the press his first, “C’mon man!” moment on his first full day in office.  After his short response to a reporter, the press corps was herded out of the Oval Office like cattle. Like they always have been, even before Donald Trump’s administration it seems nothing is going to change for the media that paraded Biden in front of America for the past year.

The White House Press Corps is facing Joe Biden’s “new normal” and it will be interesting to see how long the honeymoon lasts until the media realizes those moments of conflict is what their viewers want, regardless of who is in office and they aren’t going to be treated any differently by Biden.  Biden announced that his vaccination rate will be only slightly higher than Trump’s, prompting a reporter to ask, “Is that high enough?”    After being asked a tough question by the press, Biden was quickly evacuated from the room and the press pool was ushered out quickly.