Gallup Poll Suggests Nearly Half of America Will Not Fully Comply with Second Lockdown

As several states in America are trending once again towards government-imposed COVID-19 lockdowns, Americans are less likely to fully comply with those orders this time around, according to a new poll.   As COVID fatigue sets in and many Americans are starting to pull themselves out of the economic deficit created by the first lockdown, many are pushing back this time.

A Gallup poll on the COVID-19 pandemic shows that nearly half of Americans are less likely to fully comply with the restrictions and limits imposed during an impending second wave of lockdowns.

“About half of Americans in Gallup’s latest polling on the COVID-19 pandemic, 49%, say they would be very likely to stay home for a month if public health officials recommended it due to a serious outbreak of the virus in their community. This contrasts with solid majorities in the spring who said they were likely to comply with such shelter-in-place advice, including a high of 67% in late March/early April,” Gallup said.

18% of Americans say they would be somewhat likely to follow public health officials’ advice to stay home for a month, bringing the total inclined to comply to the majority level. But a full third say they would be very or somewhat unlikely to comply, about double the rate seen in the spring.

Most of the decline in Americans’ willingness to follow shelter-in-place advice is due to a sharp drop among Republicans — falling to 40% in Gallup’s latest polling, from 74% in the spring. Democrats’ willingness to stay at home has remained high, at 87% today versus 91% in March and April.

“One significant change since April that may explain why Americans are now less likely to say they would go into home lockdown is that they have greater confidence in their ability to protect themselves from being infected by the coronavirus when out in public,” the poll found.