Former Sunwest Management CEO Jon Harder has sentence commuted by Trump

Jon Harder – President Trump commuted the sentence of Jon Harder, former President and CEO of Sunwest Management Inc., who has served nearly 5 years of a 15-year prison sentence. Notable figures, including the Honorable Michael Hogan who served as the Federal judge overseeing Sunwest’s bankruptcy and receivership, Ford Elsaesser who served as counsel to Sunwest’s creditors in receivership, and multiple other individuals involved in the litigation support Mr. Harder’s commutation. Mr. Harder was serving as president and CEO of Sunwest Management Inc., a large management company overseeing residential senior care facilities, when he misused investment funds during the real estate crisis. Mr. Harder fully accepted responsibility, pled guilty, and cooperated with the government’s civil and criminal actions against him at great personal cost. According to former Chief Judge Hogan, Mr. Harder’s full cooperation “against his substantial financial and penal interests” helped secure the sale of the company’s assets, ensuring that Sunwest’s investors recovered more of their investment, seniors could continue living in their facilities, and employees could retain their livelihoods. Mr. Elsaesser stated that “of all the financial wrongdoers that [the court and the Government] dealt with during the real estate crash of 2008, Mr. Harder acted more responsibly than any of his ‘peers.’”  President Trump commends Mr. Harder for choosing to put his employees, investors, and the senior citizens residing in Sunwest’s homes above himself.