Former NJ. Lt. Governor Guadagno: Republicans still supporting Trump are shameless cowards

FREEHOLD, NJ – New Jersey Republican leaders and never Trumpers who sat silently for this day for four years are rejoicing the defeat of President Donald J. Trump, now chastizing the President for his continued voter fraud campaign to contest the 2020 election.

Last week, we reported swamp creatures Chris Christie, John Bramnick and RNC committeeman William Palatucci condemning the President.  This week, Chris Christie’s former Lt. Governor and loser in the 2017 election that gave us Phil Murphy joined the growing chorus of New Jersey Republicans who never liked Trump, but waited in the weeds until the coast was clear to denounce the President.

“Losing an election is difficult. Making a call to your opponent who spent the last few months and millions of dollars attacking you is the last thing you want to do as you watch the returns roll in confirming your defeat,” Guadagno said. “Making that call after all your supporters worked so hard for you — while standing behind a podium with family and in front of cameras — makes it even more difficult. I know, because I made such a call to Phil Murphy on November 9, 2017, to congratulate him for winning the race for governor of New Jersey.”

The difference here is Guadagno lost overwhelmingly to Phil Murphy and one of the reasons she lost was because of her anti-Trump stance.   She did not rally Trump’s base to vote for her during her election.

In 2016, Guadagno said she would not vote for Donald Trump.  That decision cost her the 2017 election and ushered in one of New Jersey’s darkest eras, led by Democrat socialist Phil Murphy.  She railed Trump in an op-ed published by NJ.Com.

“I do not expect President Donald Trump to ever call President-elect Joe Biden and concede the 2020 Election. It’s simply not in Trump’s nature to admit defeat, having made it clear on so many occasions how he abhors “losers.” However, I do expect, as an American, the orderly transition of power,” Guadagno wrote.

Guadagno admitted in her letter that her non-support of Trump led to her loss in 2017 and she called out Republicans who won’t join the establishment GOP assault against Trump this week.

“Since the results of the national election have become clear, my Republican colleagues have been disturbingly silent on insisting that an orderly transition occur,” she said. “Perhaps, they fear backlash from the president or his base, something I experienced in 2016 when I had the audacity to criticize candidate Trump after the publication of the Billy Bush Access Hollywood interview. That base is a formidable voting block.”

Guadagno has done a better job at feeding the hungry than she did as a Lt. Governor and candidate for governor.  She raised the anti, calling New Jersey Trump supporters shameless cowards.

“While Republicans sit on their hands, is not only cowardly and shameless but it poses a risk to the health and safety of our citizens. Biden’s claim that more people may die if Trump continues to refuse to cooperate on the transition is not election year hyperbole,” Guadagno wrote.

She ended her diatribe calling on all New Jerseyans to stand behind her to force Trump to concede to Biden.  Since leaving office, Guadagno has become the CEO for fulfill, formerly the Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties.