Former New York Lt. Governor Says “Don’t Listen to That Turkey” Cuomo on Thanksgiving Lockdown

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Betsy McCaughey, the former Lt. Governor of New York under Governor George Pataki said today that New Yorkers should ignore Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Thanksgiving lockdown.  Under that lockdown, Cuomo says families may not invite more than 10 people to their Thanksgiving Day dinner.  Prior to 2010, McCaughey was a registered Democrat but switched her affiliation long before the #walkaway movement began.

McCaughey said New Yorkers don’t have to listen to Cuomo.

“Do not let this turkey of a governor interfere with your holiday plans,” McCaughey said in a Newsmax interview today.  “Lockdowns do not work, instead we must protect our most vulnerable population, our seniors and elderly.”

She railed against lockdowns, claiming not only do they not work, but they cause far more problems than they prevent.

“If Lockdowns work, then Europe would not be in the second wave of this virus, because they did lockdown.” the former Lt. Governor said.  “Joe Biden lied about it during his campaign.”

McCaughey also raised concerns about collateral deaths that have been ignored by Democrats as a result of the spring lockdown.   She said lockdowns increase drug addictions, suicides and alcoholism, calling them deaths of despair.