Former Clinton-Gore Advisor Says She Would Not Have Voted for Biden if She Knew About His Plan to Lockdown America

We’re not sure what former Bill Clinton and Al Gore political advisor Dr. Naomi Wolf has been watching on television, but we can assume it has been MSNBC or CNN, but this weekend Wolf said she was unaware of Joe Biden’s stance on a national COVID-19 lockdown.

That’s because CNN, MSNBC and other liberal news outlets, newspapers, and news websites have not told their viewers what Joe Biden said about his stance in favor of a nationwide lockdown to prevent COVID-19 spread.

Wolf said prolonged shutdowns are the desires of political elites and fears they won’t ever end.

“If I’d known Biden was open to ‘lockdowns’ as he now states, which is something historically unprecedented in any pandemic, and a terrifying practice, one that won’t ever end because elites love it, I would never have voted for him,” Wolf said.

Biden has in fact said he not only supports a national lockdown but to implement a federal role to guide and direct future lockdowns at the national level, instead of at the state level where those decisions are currently made.

Wolf’s surprising comment is the byproduct of a media industry that doesn’t tell its viewers both sides of every story.  Wolf is no fan of President Trump either as she routinely rails against the President and his staff on social media.