FBI Probe Into Possible Corruption in Jackson Township Expands, Continues

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – An FBI probe into alleged wrongdoings in Jackson Township’s government that appears to be focused on Mayor Michael Reina’s involvement in questionable development activities continues to expand.  Sources within the law enforcement community today said more people connected with the mayor have been questioned by federal agents, including a prominent attorney in Ocean County.   The FBI has not publicly confirmed their investigation, but several people who have been interviewed have come forth to Shore News Network to confirm they had been questioned by the agency at their Red Bank field office within the past 60 days.   During those interviews, some lasting several hours the main theme revolved around Reina’s involvement in suppressing development by Orthodox Jewish land developers and presenting clear paths of approval for non-Orthodox Jewish land developers.  Reina and Jackson Township are being sued in Federal court by U.S. Attorney General William Barr for violations of civil rights in defense of the growing Orthodox Jewish community in town.

FBI Investigating Jackson Township Mayor Michael Reina

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