Fact Checking CNN’s Jake Tapper: Schools won’t open until everyone is vaccinated

CNN stooge and partisan host Jake Tapper said that he is uncertain schools in America will ever reopen until each and every American has been vaccinated. Tapper argued that the powerful education unions are going to fight back and he towed the union line of gloom and doom.

“I feel a little dispirited,” Tapper said on CNN. “I don’t know if the schools are ever going to open until everybody’s vaccinated.”

Except that if you switch channels and don’t take Tapper’s word for gospel, you’ll find that many states are operating open schools and there have been no reported virus outbreaks due to their opening.

Iowa, Texas, Florida, Arkansas, and West Virginia are five ‘red states’ with no school closures and none of those states have reported COVID-19 outbreaks due to schools being open.

Most of America has allowed the decision for schools to open and on what schedules have been left to the local school districts.

Washington, DC., Delaware (Biden’s home state), California, New Mexico, and Hawaii are the only states with state-mandated closures in effect at some level.

In fact, most American children are going to school right now, even if only on alternating schedules and hybrid schedules and there has been no science to back up schools being a breeding ground for COVID-19 on any large scales even as the second wave of the pandemic subsides.

“Is CNN not aware that schools are open across America in red states and there are no outbreaks?” asked Fox News’ Laura Ingraham.

Many schools, if not the majority of U.S. Schools have been open since August of 2020, but if you watch CNN and believe what Jake Tapper says, you might not know that.


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