Fact check: Did NJ 2A plan to storm NJ State Capitol? Group says News 12 story was completely false

TRENTON, NJ by Theresa Inacker, Black Wire Media – A mainstream media source has claimed Trenton and New Jersey State Police are preparing “for a potential armed protest” for this Sunday, January 17th, which came as a complete shock to those volunteering in New Jersey’s active Second Amendment community. The article by News12 New Jersey, cited a flyer published by an unknown source, calling for armed marches at state capitols around the country.

Of course, no one in New Jersey’s 2A community had even heard of this protest. But you can guarantee, if things go wrong, you (WE) will be blamed for it.
Actually, whoever wrote the flyer demonstrates a complete blind spot, or lack of understanding about how things work here in New Jersey. You all know about New Jersey’s impossible justifiable need standard, required to be to proven before one can be issued a carry permit. What do they think we are doing–Filing a multitude of lawsuits to gain carry just for the heck of it? We are filing litigation non-stop to have the state of the law changed and civil rights restored.

That’s how WE roll.

Mark Cheeseman, a Plaintiff who had the gumption to bring a carry case (#19-27; CNJFO filed an amicus brief and raised funds for it AND ANJRPC’s Rogers case!) all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States stated “N.J.s most active pro-Second Amendment page on social media shows that nothing has been discussed or planned. And past rallies were done with permits and NO FIREARMS. And were very peaceful.”

Dan Grdovic, acting President of the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners said: “I have attended several rallies in Trenton supporting the Second Amendment in the past. There were no firearms. Not only have they been 100% peaceful, the city has also been cleaner upon completion of these rallies than before they began. This yellow journalism disparaging otherwise good people in the name of selling ink for tabloid ratings is getting very old.”

Is something nefarious afoot? New Jersey’s active Second Amendment groups and their members are bastions of law-abiding people, fighting for the legal right to carry, and engaging in educational activities. Several rallies have been held by the Second Amendment community in Trenton with great success. Our diverse community has gathered and assembled peaceably, this shows how strong we are and how full of restraint people are despite great infringements and frustration.

You will be arrested if you carry without a permit in New Jersey. Everyone knows this—therefore, do not fall into any trap. Is this the proverbial pallet of bricks dropped in front of plate glass windows? Tempting gatherers to touch?

Do not unlawfully carry. Do not fall into a trap. Do not give any excuse for more gun control—that’s coming anyway. Let’s not make it easier for them. Unintended consequences of stupid actions will be borne by our entire community. Stay strong!


Theresa Inacker is the CNJFO Communications Director. A true #2AHeavyLifter in the Second Amendment community, she “takes the pulse” of New Jersey’s 2A leadership daily, utilizing all forms of social media. As such, she brought this to our attention, fearful of many factors, including but not limited to, mass arrest of armed protesters, and the potential for the mere “threat of violence”, manufactured although it may be, to be used as a weapon by the current administration to destroy even more individual rights “on behalf of the common good” through Executive Order or other illegal means.

Was News12 fed a line of horse dung so they’d “regurgitate a story” where none existed? Who fed them? Was it the same people that placed a pile of rocks on the finely-manicured lawn of the Trenton War Memorial last April for the “Open-the-State” anti-Executive Order protest & rally? So maybe protesters would be incited to heave them at an overabundant State Police detail surrounding the building from which our Governor was giving his daily Covid Press Conference? What professional landscaper wants to run-over rocks? NO ONE touched the rocks then, WE SAW TO IT, and we’re sure as hell not touchin’ them NOW!