Facebook fact checkers ignored actual facts when fact checking Georgia ballot story it flagged as fake news

ATLANTA, GA – Conservative media hosts Kevin and Keith Hodge were “fact-checked” by Facebook’s overreaching fact-checkers.   In the video the brothers said Facebook fact-checked their post about “suitcases” of ballots being pulled from under a table after poll watchers left for the night.  Instead, Facebook said the boxes were not “suitcases”, but official ballot boxes.   In a video released this week, poll workers are seen moving large “official ballot boxes” after counting stopped.  Workers were told to leave after a “pipe burst”, not Facebook claims that nobody was forced to leave despite news reports from election night documenting the event.

“They never fact-checked liberals saying Trump was a racist,” they said.  “I have no problem being fact-checked if it’s true, or things like Trump is racist or Trump is colluding with Russia.”