Even Conservative Newsmax Has Had it With the My Pillow Guy’s Election Fraud Claims

An anchor for the conservative news network Newsmax walked off the set during an interview with My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. The interview was to be about Lindell’s Twitter ban. Lindell was censored by Twitter for his continuously repeating claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election.  After being asked about his ban, Lindell immediately launched into Dominion voting systems and rampant election fraud.

“I have 100% proof,” Lindell said.  Newsmax said they have not been able to confirm any allegations against Dominion’s voting machines. He then read a canned disclaimer about the results of the election.  Lindell kept going on, screaming about election fraud. After trying to get the conversation back on track to the issue of Twitter bans.  The anchor eventually just left the conversation.