Editorial: Terrance Turnbach is a charlatan unfit to be a judge in New Jersey

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Toms River Councilman Terrance Turnbach, a Democrat is an aspiring judge in Toms River.  That is when he’s filing false reports with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.  Without any shreds of evidence or based on any fact whatsoever, in reality, Turnbach filed a slanderous, libelous complaint today with the attorney general’s office.  He’s merely doing the bidding of Mo Hill and Greg McGuckin.

“Terrance Turnbach is a charlatan unfit to be a judge in New Jersey,” said Shore News Network editor Phil Stilton.  “He is working behind the scenes to appease a voting bloc and nothing will stop him from winning their praise in the 2021 re-election, not even the truth.”

Turnbach will now be facing a lawsuit against him personally and filed against the township by Shore News Network for abusing his office to use township funds to launch a political attack to damage a local business, a news media agency that has uncovered corruption during his tenure on the Toms River Township Council.

“Mr. Turnbach has aspirations to be a judge, but this action alone should disqualify him for any such consideration,” Stilton added. “Judges have to weigh facts and evidence, all of which are completely lacking in this brief that appears to have been filed by a 10-year-old.”

“I understand Mr. Turnbach desperately needs the support of pay to play lawyer Greg McGuckin and his allies, but to put his name on a complaint that is without merit shows he does not have the character to be a judge…even in a corrupt state like New Jersey,” Stilton added.

In a complaint filed with the Attorney General’s Office Turnbach referenced campaign literature created by Republican candidates during the 2019 election that referenced, “Lakewood style development”

“Who can forget the mail piece produced and authorized by Turnbach in 2017 when he photoshopped his now co-conspirator Kevin Geoghegan in front of a ‘Lakewood Style’ apartment complex with a fake ‘thumbs up’ saying ‘Welcome Lakewood Developers,” Stilton added. “Now, once he’s in office and realizes those same developers he once criticized can carry him back into office and perhaps even on to the bench, suddenly Turnbach has a change of heart.”