During supermarket fight, Man yells, “I got a strap!”

MADISON, WI – A verbal altercation that took place inside a Columbus supermarket ended with one person pulling up his shirt and yelling, “I got a strap!”.   The man eventually won the fight down on aisle nine, but now he’s being sought by police for going a bit overboard in the store…and for the whole brandishing a gun thing.

Police are looking for the man who brandished his gun inside Kelly’s Market at 33 Junction Court.

“A handgun was reported to be displayed,” Madison police said. “A store employee told police a 6-foot man with a skinny build, early 20’s, wearing a gray or black jacket with Air Force One shoes, was arguing with another person inside the store.”

When the suspect was asked to leave, he stated “I got a strap” and lifted his shirt to display a handgun in a holster. 

The man then made verbal threats as he left the store on foot.  Police are now investigating.

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