Drunk driver plowed head-on into Sarasota Sheriff’s Deputy Vehicle on I-75

SARASOTA, FL — Drinking, and driving is a bad idea. Causing an accident while drinking and driving is a terrible idea.  Crashing into your local deputy’s cruiser head-on while drinking and driving is probably one of the worst ideas out there.  That’s what happened last night when a young woman, driving under the influence crashed head-on into oncoming traffic, striking a Sarasota County Sheriff’s Deputy cruiser.

“The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 20-year-old Sarasota woman for Driving Under the Influence after she caused a head-on collision with a deputy along I-75 in Sarasota,” The SCSO said in a statement. “Deputies were alerted just before 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning to a vehicle driving northbound in the southbound lanes of State Road 681 in Venice. As deputies responded, the driver continued traveling northbound and entered the southbound lanes of I-75.”

A responding deputy approaching mile marker 203 in the center lane identified the driver traveling in the left lane. The deputy activated his emergency lights and slowed his patrol vehicle. The suspect then changed lanes and collided head-on with the deputy’s Tahoe.

“Luckily, neither the deputy nor the suspect suffered major injuries,” SCSO said. “20-year-old Riannon Wittenbauer is charged with Driving Under the Influence, DUI with Property Damage, and Reckless Driving. She was released Wednesday on a $740 bond.”

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