Dr. Richard Roberts: Under President Trump, America Won

LAKEWOOD, NJ –  Lakewood’s Dr. Rich Roberts, talks about his passion for mixed martial arts and his trainer George Sullivan, a professional MMA fighter. Roberts explains the importance of knowing how to get hit in order to learn how to fight.  After a long career in medicine, now retired, Roberts spends his days training his mind and body.  Roberts also talks about his involvement in the political campaign of President Donald J. Trump.

In the interview, Roberts, a key Trump campaign donor and the former Middle East and Israel policy advisor for the President said under Donald J. Trump, America won.

When asked why he got involved in supporting Trump, donating over $1,000,000 of his own money to the campaign in 2016 alone, Roberts said, “I just want to save the country. I want to save the values of this country that made it so great. Those are clearly values that Christian values…and Jewish values.  Those values are the wholesome values that make this country great.”

“The more left radical wings of the Democrat party is really trashing those values,” Roberts said. “I see the Republican party as preserving and forwarding those values. Under President Trump, those values make America win at everything. We just got crushed by a pandemic, who can predict that?”

When asked if he was going to remain politically active in the post-Trump world, Roberts said yes, “I plan on remaining politically active in the Republican Party.”