Donald Trump, Jr. Says its Time for Spineless Republicans to Fight Back to Ensure Election Fairness

ATLANTA, GA – Donald Trump, Jr. made a bold statement and put weak and scared Republican leaders on notice, saying the party will fight alleged election fraud and corruption.

“I think the Democrats are used to this from a Republican Party that hasn’t had a backbone.  You’re not going to see that this time around.  That party is gone and anyone that doesn’t fight like that should go with it.  We’re going to be watching this nonsense because everyone knows what’s going on,” Trump said. “Everyone understands it and the media have given up the pretense of objectivity to be cheerleaders of the left.  They’re going to go nuts, but Donald Trump is going to fight each one of these things so we have a fair election regardless of the outcome.  Americans need to know this is not a Banana Republic.”

Video via SkyNews.