Ding dong ditch player wanted by police for questioning in Manasquan

MANASQUAN, NJ – The game of ding dong ditch is an American tradition, like so many that are on a rapid decline.  It used to be that a good night out ding dong ditching your neighborhood would propel your high school star quality, but now, it can land you squarely in the crosshairs of local law enforcement.

The ditch, also known by some as “Ring and Run” has simple rules.  Ring a doorbell or knock loudly on a door, and escape without getting caught.

The game has so long been one favored by the offense, but now, with home security systems and ring doorbells an affordable option in the sport for the defensive team, the tables have turned.   For decades, the offense in ding dong ditch had an unfair advantage in the game.  By the time the defense got up off the couch and peered out the window, the game was already lost.

Now, one of the sport’s rising stars is about to become the sport’s biggest losers after this apparently professional ditcher in Manasquan was caught fair and square on the defensive team’s ring doorbell.  Some say the ring doorbell is an unfair advantage in the game for the defense, we say it’s a great piece of sport equipment that levels the playing field, offering equity in the sport.

This player thought he had a winning steak going after scoring win after win on Minerva and Euclid Avenues until he got to one home owned by a well-prepared ding dong defender.

This ditcher’s play was a bit of an odd one. He was dropped off across the street in a Jeep, maybe driven by Bruce? Actually, it was driving straight, so no.  He made a bit of a scene before making his approach.  He knocked on the door and high-tailed it out, but the Jeep took off before him, but he was able to catch up around the corner.

Perhaps his driver knew that rings were motion sensor-driven, but miscalculated the range of the motion sensor leading to this definitive loss on the field.  Score one for the home team today.

You can watch the full play here.


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