Did My Vote Get Counted? New Website Helps NJ Residents Get an Answer

TEANECK, NJ – A new website called “Did They Vote” at www.didtheyvote.com now allows most New Jersey residents to see if their 2020 mail in ballots were received and counted.  The project is the brainchild of Keith Kaplan, a councilman on the Teaneck Municipal Council.  Currently Kaplan maintains data from 16 counties in New Jersey where voters can search their names, or the names of their neighbors to see if they voted in 2020 and if their votes were received.

“My town had vote by mail for the municipal election in May and we had some problems,” Kaplan said. “Then in July with the primary, I started tracking more. It’s very hard for voters to find out what didn’t happen, so now they can see if their votes didn’t arrive.”

Kaplan said he submitted OPRA requests for voter information from across New Jersey and entered that data into his database at “Did They Vote”, saying it was one of his largest undertakings.

“I was always a fan of data,” he said.

Kaplan offers his service for free to anyone in New Jersey and the records are updated as he receives more data from the county election boards and clerks.

Currently, you can track your vote in the following counties.  The date on the right shows the last time the data was updated.