Did Congresswoman Marjorie Greene Really Say Jewish Space Lasers Started California Wildfires?

Not Exactly News – Firebrand U.S. Republican Marjorie Greene of California is being quoted as claiming Jewish space lasers started the California wildfires of 2018.  This claim has been repeated often by liberal-leaning blog sites including the Intelligencer by New Yorker Magazine.   But did Congresswoman Greene, who has said a lot of things worthy of a decent fact check really say Jewish space lasers?

Is it real news?

While, yes, the conspiracy theorist leaning Congresswoman did accuse the 2018 California wildfires as being caused by space lasers, she did not say the words “Jewish Space Lasers”.

What she did say was that it was a conspiracy too good to be a coincidence and blame PSE&G Director Roger Kimmel who also happens to be the Vice-Chairman of Rothschild, Inc. of using the event to make money and linked the fires to a plan to launch lasers into space capable of starting such fires.

She tied a long list of facts together to prove her theory that somehow Governor Brown, Roger Kimmell, Richard Blum (Diane Feinstein’s husband) all conspired to start the fires with space-based solar generators that collected and stored the sun’s energy before beaming that energy down to earth in blue beams of light to start the fires.

Space lasers


Verdict: 1% Not Exactly News

She did say all of that, but one thing she did not outright say was “Jewish Space Lasers”.  Except for that exact phrase, unfortunately, it is 99% exactly news.  Greene has come under fire from Jewish rights groups over her statement that yes, essentially blamed Jewish businessmen of using space lasers to start the fires.  She just never called them “Jewish Space Lasers”.