Did AOC Really Tell Protesters to “Punch a Cop”?

Not Exactly News – Frequent fact-check flyer Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene put out a statement that was published on social media on February 5th station that 2nd term New York City Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez told protesters to “punch a cop”.

“What did they do when AOC encouraged protesters to “Punch a cop”? the letter read.

Is it real news?

There is no evidence in our search that can find video, messages, emails, or texts from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez telling protesters to punch a cop as of yet.  So at this time, it is believed to be fake news and political propaganda by Greene.  The claim stems from a November 2019 Anti-police rally in which AOC supported, but did not attend.

Some of the signs from the rally had anti-cop slogans such as  “Punch that cop!” “Don’t let these pigs touch us,” and “Hit em!”.   AOC however did not say she supported those slogans. She did not share photos or videos of those slogans publicly and never said those words herself in public or on record.

Verdict: 99% Not Exactly News

It never happened, but because AOC did publicly endorse and show her support for a rally where those signs were actually at, she loses 1% on this fact check.