Despite Shunning by GOP Chairman, Buontempo Wins Re-Election in Howell

HOLMDEL, NJ – In Monmouth County, GOP Chairman Shaun Golden had a tough time battling the Democrat “blue wave” and an even tougher time in his battle against Monmouth County Republicans he doesn’t like.

It was made public that Golden was no fan of incumbent Mayor Gregory Buontempo.  That’s why Republicans backed by Golden ran against Buontempo and his running mate Ronald Emma in the “July” primary election.  Buontempo ended up winning that primary, but Emma lost, leaving an awkwardly mixed ticket of Buontempo and DJ Luccarelli running together last Tuesday.

Despite many party elites, such as Golden not publicly supporting Buontempo, Buontempo was the highest vote-getter in the election.

While many establishment Republicans under Golden cast their ballots for Democrat Joseph Romano, Romano lost and Buontempo is once again the Mayor of the small town in New Jersey.

A post made by the “Real Holmdel Republicans” was endorsed by the Monmouth County Gop in a Facebook post.  That endorsement omitted Buontempo from the ballot of Republicans on the GOP line in Holmdel…intentionally.


A social media post omitted Buontempo from the list of “republican candidates”