Deputies seize neglected pigs, now up for adoption

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA –  The San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office rescued five pigs from neglect and now those pigs are up for adoption, seeking a good home.

A Sheriff’s Rural Crime Deputy along with a North County Resident Deputy came upon a case of possible animal neglect last month while conducting an unrelated animal neglect investigation in California Valley. Five domestic pigs were found to be in an enclosure, standing in nearly two feet of mud, with no food or water.

The pigs were in distress due to the near-freezing temperatures while half-submerged in the mud. The owner of the livestock was nowhere to be found, and it appeared that the animals were abandoned. Sheriff’s Deputies made the conditions habitable for the pigs, gave them food and water, and left a note for the property owner to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

The following day, Rural Crime Deputies and the North County Resident Deputy responded back to the location to check on the pigs. The animals were found to be in the same condition with the whereabouts of the owner unknown. To prevent further abuse and suffering of the animals, the San Luis Obispo County Division of Animal Services was contacted and responded to assess the condition of the animals. Rural Crime Deputies and Animal Services seized the pigs to protect and care for them until the conclusion of the animal neglect investigation. If the pigs are not claimed at the end of the criminal investigation, they will be offered for adoption.