Democrats send Congressional Prayer with “Amen” and “A Woman”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – It’s now clear liberal Democrats on Capitol Hill did not pledge to stop their insanity as one of their 2020 New Year’s resolutions.  That became evident after Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, who appeared to be wearing a metal cheese grater over his face ended the opening prayer to start the new Congressional session with “Amen and Awoman”.   The ending of a prayer with “Amen” has nothing to do with ridiculous liberal gender identification politics, but translates to “So be it”.  “Awoman” literally translates to nothing at all, but a show of liberal Democrat party ignorance and idiocracy.  Besides the fact that Cleaver left out 32 other liberal-supported genders, assuming God is either a man or woman is a cardinal sin of liberal politics.   And so it goes, in Washington, D.C., 2021 starts exactly where 2020 left off.  Cleaver’s opening prayer in Congress was nothing short of a hatchet job on religion.