Democrats Hold “Superspreader” Rallies Across Country to Celebrate Biden Victory

NEW YORK, NY – Democrats who have criticized President Donald J. Trump for holding “Superspreader” events across the nation held a bunch of their own on Saturday nationwide.

Superspreader events are events where thousands or tens of thousands of people gather in tight quarters, spreading the coronavirus to each other, not following social distancing guidelines or enforcing behavior contradictory to CDC guidelines set forth the control the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

As New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, also a Democrat said this week, “We’re in a pandemic…this is not over…be smart.”

But for tens of thousands of Democrats and Biden supporters, for at least one weekend, COVID-19 had disappeared.  No longer was it a concern.  No longer was it bad to attend a political rally with thousands of others standing shoulder to shoulder cheering your candidate, for as long as your candidate is not orange, your risk of COVID-19 is very low and the chances of your superspreader event super spreading the virus is also very low.

Here’s a look at some of the largest Biden superspreader events.

In New York City, several superspreader rallies were held including one outside Trump’s Manhattan headquarters.

There will not be a large crowd on hand to send 2020 packing on New Year’s Eve in Times Square, New York, but this weekend, superspreader events were held by Democrats in the heart of New York City.

Boston erupted with a huge superspreader event this weekend.

A large superspreader event was held in Philadelphia this weekend.

Chicago Biden supporters and Democrats held a superspreader rally and parade.

In the Mile-High City, Denverites… or Denveronians, whatever they are called also held a large superspreader event.

One of the largest superspreader events held in America this weekend was in Washington, D.C. where you know, “They literally inaugurate Biden and Harris today.”