Democrat Strategist James Carville Says “Woke” People Need to Take a Nap

Although, for now, it appears that Joe Biden could be the next President of the United States of America, longtime Democrat strategist James Carville said 2020 was no reason to celebrate being a Democrat.   Democrats suffered major defeats down the ballot on Election Day all over America.

Carville blamed the radical left for those losses and said movements to defund the police and a more than a half of a year of non-stop violent protests hurt the party overall.”

“Some of these woke people need to take a nap,” Carville told MSNBC. “We’ve got some good candidates out there. We lost some close races and we’ve got to get back up and win those two races in Georgia.”

Carville said Democrats can win more races in the future if they go back to speaking to all Americans and not just the radical left, saying Joe Biden’s more moderate campaign was a clear demonstration that his party’s new leftist keystone agenda is not what Americans want.   While the platform of the “squad” and  New York Congresswoman Alexandria Cortez might resonate in the inner cities and extreme left Democrat strongholds, it does not sit well with most Americans.