Defiant NJ Governor Phil Murphy: Dreamers are here to stay, after Judge orders restart of DACA

TRENTON, NJ – If you’re dreaming of opening a small business in New Jersey, you can keep dreaming, because with a lockdown looming, many small businesses are going to go out of business, joining thousands that have already shut their doors for good.  If you’re in America illegally and want to have a successful life in our country, not a problem, says Murphy after a judge has ordered the federal government to full reinstate DACA.

“DREAMers are American, and they’re here to stay,” Murphy said on Saturday.

His comments were met with scorn by residents.

“I’m a dreamer. I dream your not closing gyms . My mental health and lively hood depends on it. I could lose my brand new home,” one New Jerseyan replied.

“Funny how you don’t care about the actual citizens of the state taxing us right out. I dream of the day phil murphy goes back to Boston with his stupid sneakers and suit,” another replied.

“He’s encouraging people to come to our state illegally despite a pandemic but wants to ban a sitting member of Congress from the state because of the pandemic,” another noticed.