Dan Crenshaw: Elected officials who persecute citizens on Thanksgiving Day should be held accountable

Dallas, TX – Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw today railed against Democrat governors nationwide over a series of anti-Thanksgiving executive orders and directives aimed at the American people.  Some governors such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy have gone as far as to instruct local police officers to strictly enforce 10 person caps on Thanksgiving dinners.

Crenshaw said those calls are a violation of America’s 4th Amendment.

“Prosecuting people for holiday gatherings inside their own home violates the 4th Amendment – protection from unreasonable search & seizure. Elected leaders who violate the Constitution should be held accountable, & law enforcement should disobey unconstitutional orders,” Crenshaw said. “It’s a sign of public policy malfeasance that lockdowns are still considered. Their effectiveness is unproven at best, and their costs are astronomical. And yet, many leaders lack the courage to say so, instead defaulting to emotional platitudes masquerading as serious policy.”

Thanksgiving celebrations in many Democrat run states have been targeted by governors on the liberal left as a mechanism to curb COVID-19.  It was just two weeks ago that those same governors heralded the presumed victory of President-Elect Joe Biden and watched silently as tens of thousands of people celebrated in town squares and downtown streets across America.  COVID-19 wasn’t a threat then and neither were the mass celebrations that ensued, many violating these same governor’s own executive orders on outdoor gatherings.

Now, in Pennsylvania, you need a COVID-19 test to enter a state park.  In California and New York City restaurants have been shut down again.  In New Jersey, the governor has chastised police officers who say they will not be raiding any homes on Thanksgiving for executive order violations.

As a fellow veteran, it is safe to say that this is not the America Crenshaw fought and nearly died for on the battlefield when an IED exploded on him in Afghanistan.