Dallas Police ambushed with gunfire responding to home in Old East Dallas

DALLAS, TX –  At around 11 am on Thursday, Dallas Police officers responded to a shooting that left two dead on Bonita Avenue near Old East Dallas.  Upon arriving at the scene, Chief Eddie Garcia said the officers were ambushed and began taking gunfire.  The gunfire was coming from a suspect inside a nearby home, Garcia said.

As a result, two officers were struck by gunfire. As more officers arrived on the scene, the two downed officers were rescued from the scene with the aid of firefighters. Both police officers were then taken to Baylor University Medical Center where they are now recovering from non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.  Chief Garcia said they were both shot in the legs according to early reports. Garcia said firefighters from the Dallas Fire Department provided cover so officers could rescue the fallen officers.

Chief Garcia said he expects the officers to fully recover.  In the meantime, he said the suspect was still on the loose at the time.   It wasn’t clear if the suspect remained in the home or fled after the shooting.

At around 1:30 pm, Dallas SWAT officers breached the home in an attempt to force the suspect inside to surrender.   When police entered the home the man believed to be the suspect and a woman were both already shot and dead in an apparent murder-suicide.

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