D-Day? New Jersey Shatters Single Day COVID-19 Record with 6,000 Cases, Murphy to Speak Today

TRENTON, NJ – Is D-Day coming for New Jersey’s small businesses?  On Sunday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that the state has shattered the single day COVID-19 positive record with 6,046 cases, saying, “These numbers speak for themselves.”   Murphy added that six newly counted deaths were also reported on Sunday.  On Monday, Murphy will address the state in his three-times-weekly COVID-19 briefing.   In recent weeks, Murphy has said that all options remain on the table and has not ruled out a statewide business lockdown.  Murphy’s broadcast is expected to start at 1 pm.

Murphy, on Friday said he will speak more in-depth about the state’s vaccination plan on Monday.

“There’s a lot going on with vaccines, including with administration. I think we’re on one o’clock on Monday, but I have to say that that might move around given that there’s an enormous amount of intensity around getting this exactly right. One of the more complex processes this country will have ever undertaken, so bear with us on that front,” Murphy said.

The new record comes days after COVID-19 struck Murphy’s own cabinet again, sidelining most of the 8th floor fo the Statehouse, Murphy said. So far only one case has been confirmed, but the governor said an entire floor has been quarantined.

“I don’t want to rat out anybody’s personal health but it stayed exactly where it was. To the best of my knowledge, there was and there remains one positive case, Judy and the rest of the team on the eighth floor are, out of an abundance of caution, are quarantining and self-isolating,” Murphy said on Friday.